Best PRIVATE NURSING HOME in Massachusetts - Arnold House

It is love of family and friends that gives our lives purpose, value and fulfillment.

It is that same love that guides us throughout life.

At Arnold House Nursing Home, we know about life's choices and love. Resident and staff alike happily share in them daily. We also know that making decisions concerning our elders is difficult, but when viewed from the perspective of genuine caring about our elders, the difficulties seem to diminish and the answers become clearer.

That's an integral part of our philosophy. We'd like to show you how this translates into Arnold House's unique home environment that is rich in nature, true in love, and friendship, an inviting social environment that reflects the meaning of our home. Where the day-to-day experiences of living life fully occur with dignity and self-respect.


We are a licensed 22 bed private nursing home in a non institutional setting reminiscent of the Victorian era. Our Boston-area home is appointed with the most elegant of furnishings that remind us of days past. Seeing is believing!

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